Line is the intimate conversation in the crowd of color.
— Suzanne Reed Fine

Suzanne Reed Fine

Artists Statement

“I am a painter who loves bold color and intimate lines. My paintings are conversations between the subject, the paint, the canvas and my brain — sometimes all at once. In the beginning, colors fly, seemingly haphazardly, but the painting will take a direction that I have learned to follow. I love building layers of washes and texture, going back in and carving into the surface. Drawing has always been an extension of my head to heart to hand. Line is the intimate conversation in the crowd of color. It speaks softly, inviting you into the conversation from the larger scene. Acrylic best expresses the color and marks that I am looking for. My early influence of light, colors and form are from the Southwest, combined with the softer humid atmospheric tones of the deep south of my home now. I cherish time alone, small groups and conversations. The simple enjoyment of creating is what I strive for. Our lives are so busy, constant movement, we are fed information in 30 second increments. We don't linger, we miss so much. I want my paintings to say, ’Hey, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, and take a look.’ I want them to encourage you to notice moments, simple things, to go outside.”